Danuta Mieloch (Esthetician & Owner of Rescue)


Danuta Mieloch changes clients’ lives. She changes the way they look, the way they feel, the way they treat themselves. Her facials are an enduring gift of beauty and health.

“We see the face first. It has to last a lifetime,” Danuta says. “For me, it’s not simply about skin. Your face is how you present yourself to the world.”

An inspired esthetician, Danuta brings passion, calm and remarkable training to her practice at her idyllic day spa, Rescue Spa, a block from the historic square and an oasis removed from the stress of daily life.

Since her arrival in Philadelphia in 2004, Danuta has become one of the region’s most honored, respected and adored skin-care professionals. She has attracted a sizable and committed clientele devoted to her extraordinary facials and the rewards of a smart and sensible regimen that enhances health and wellbeing. Danuta is a source of beauty and joy.

“I’ve been Danuta’s client since Rescue opened,” says attorney Therese Obringer.  “My skin has been transformed because of the fabulous treatments and products. Over the past six years, I have successfully managed to look younger and healthier! How much is your face worth — priceless!”

In her native Poland, where skin care is valued as a science and essential daily practice, Danuta studied for three years as a nurse alongside dermatologists, benefiting from a comprehensive medical education. She continued her education  in Paris under the tutelage of renowned skin-care innovator Dr. Yvan Allouche, creator of the revolutionary Biologique Recherche product line. In 1994, she moved to New York, training at the esteemed Atelier Esthetique and the International Dermal Institute, then  honed her technique working at several of Manhattan’s finest day spas.

“Skin care is very simple: You need to cleanse well, exfoliate, hydrate and protect skin from the sun,” Danuta says. “But for me,  taking care of our skin reflects how we feel about ourselves. When women take care of their skin, they feel better and dress better. They have that overall experience of feeling good, of being a woman. And I love to take care of men as well.”

Danuta’s skills as an esthetician extend beyond the clinical.  She possesses an intuitive ability to understand a client’s complexion and determine the specific factors affecting the skin’s condition.  “I’ve seen clients’ skin improve after the first facial,” Danuta says. This sensitivity, combined with her skills and expertise, produce impressive immediate and long-term results for her devoted clientele.

“Danuta treats the skin with the knowledge of science, the gentleness of any experienced aesthetician, and the grace of a woman who is dedicated to her profession,” says client Dr. Nancy Snyderman, chief medical editor of NBC News and a frequent correspondent on Today and NBC Nightly News.

The luxurious and restorative treatments at Rescue are based on Danuta’s results-oriented approach to skin care.  Danuta’s facials, like all the services offered at Rescue, are comprehensive and customized to each client’s needs, incorporating her  streamlined philosophy of “results, restoration, and prevention.”

Danuta is committed to a non-surgical transformation and enhancement of the client’s skin, and has developed breakthrough treatments that yield exceptional results. She helps clients who struggle with acne, scars and spots. She has insight into slowing the aging process.  Her signature Bio-Lift Facial incorporates non-invasive electrical currents and custom-blended serums that help nourish, invigorate and renew the skin.

“I tailor and customize every treatment for every client, not only responding to external factors but also whatever stress she’s experiencing,” Danuta says. “I passionately believe that prevention and maintenance are the keys to beautiful and healthy skin.”

Already a leader in the field of skin care, Danuta continues to further her education and skills, annually returning to Europe for additional training, making her one of the region’s most knowledgeable skin-care professionals, the beneficiary of almost two decades of experience.

Clients adore Danuta’s gentle manner, her sharp eye, her thorough professionalism and enduring commitment to health and intelligent solutions over the painful, expensive, surgical quick fix.  In her time in Philadelphia, Danuta has brought health, intelligence and lasting improvement in the lives of her faithful and adoring clientele.

“I’ve heard many clients say that I’ve changed their lives, how they think about themselves, how they take care of themselves,” Danuta says. “And I learn from every client. I think it’s a mutual experience when you’re touching that many people every day. The skin is a responsive organ. It reveals itself.”

Accolades for Danuta

Danuta Mieloch’s Favorite Things via Philadelphia Magazine / Shoppist: http://beautyaficionado.com/connoisseur-danuta-mielochs-favorite-things-via-shoppist/

“There’s a reason why Rescue Spa’s Danuta Mieloch racked up the accolades. A former nurse, she knows beauty starts from the inside out. After inquiring about your stress level and diet, Mieloch will suggest vitamins and foods to nourish your skin. Plus, her combination of old-world practices and modern methods make for a truly standout service.”  Daily Candy

“It’s not just hype that keeps Mieloch’s waitlist perennially hovering around the three-month mark.  A little cleansing, a little soothing, a little microderm, a little high-tech machining, and a dose of whatever other magic she has up her sleeve for you, and ta-da! You have face-cream-advertisement skin.  Just remember to book that next appointment when you leave.”  -Philadelphia Magazine


“The Rescue Facial is a timeless beauty at its best.  Sometime in my mid-20s, three faint but distinct lines decided to plant themselves on my brow, stretching from temple to temple across my forehead like a fence without posts. I sometimes stand under the harshest light in my bathroom, dabbing on a variety of products to see if – with the right combination – they might plump back out, like little troughs just waiting to be filled. They never do.  

Well, they never did, I should say.

Five years ago, on the advice of a friend, I went to Rescue Rittenhouse Spa’s Danuta Mieloch, a Polish-born aesthetician who worked in Paris and Manhattan before opening Rescue here nearly a decade ago. Her facials are the only thing that has ever made the lines fade into near-nothingness.

I realize this sounds absurd, especially because we’re not talking about injectables or lasers or anything you’ve seen on Real Housewives. The magic comes courtesy of a non-invasive, utterly relaxing 60 minutes filled with exfoliating, a little microdermabrasion, and lots of moisturizing. The result is Beyonce-level luminosity and smoothed-out skin. One glows -no exaggeration- for weeks.

Chances are good that I’m not writing anything you haven’t read about or experienced yourself: Danuta (or Dana, as she’s known to clients) long ago became an instant Philly classic. Friends told friends, and suddenly you had to wait 6 months to get an appointment. But Rescue –the closest thing I’ve ever found to redemption for all those sunburns of my youth – is always worth it.”  -Christy Speers,  Philadelphia Magazine Editor