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Joanna is an experienced esthetician who’s well versed in all areas of her field. With a biology degree, a postgraduate diploma from the International Dermal Institute and over 5 years industry experience, she is dedicated to helping clients improve not just their appearance, but also their confidence.

Combining her science background and advanced training, Joanna has successfully transformed the faces of many clients. Some of her accolades include appearing in the pages of InStyle and Philadelphia Magazine’s

Joanna’s passion for skin care extends beyond the treatment room as well. She shares her expertise through Rescue Spa’s video tutorials and is also a contributing writer for the wellness and beauty column of

Staying true to her native Polish roots, Joanna believes that proper skin care should be a priority in every woman’s beauty regimen – “Taking care of your skin shows you value yourself and your well-being.”

Schedule a facial with Joanna to unwind, relax and realize your skin’s true potential!

Accolades for Joanna

InStyle Magazine

“In this loftlike space, aesthetician Joanna Kula likes to get up close and personal, tossing questions your way before crafting a customized problem-solving plan. To treat our tester’s dry skin, she recommended the Bio-Lift Facial, this spa’s version of a non-invasive lift. It starts with a heavenly face and neck massage, followed by an enzyme exfoliant to polish. Then Kula hones in on your complexion, using a high-tech tool to deliver a series of lifting and tightening electric currents to your skin. (Not to worry, to our tester the pain factor was akin to a light pinch.) Did our visitor leave with a glowing complexion? Yes. Even more impressive: There was hardly a trace of redness.


“If you need a facial Joanna is who to go to! I needed some major skin rescue two weeks prior to my wedding, Joanna was my solution! I got a chemical peel 4 wks prior at another salon and my skin was burned and it was horrible, it looked like my skin was melting and burned. Joanna gave me two treatments and my skin looks flawless, not a small task after what it looked like! I am now going to go monthly to see her to get some upkeep. Truly amazing Joanna, thank you!” Andrea K


“With this harsh winter weather, my skin was in dire need of some TLC. After reading a lot of reviews, I decided to try out Rescue and thank god I did. I’m pretty sure my skin thanked me after my facial with Joanna.

First off, I loved the vibe and service inside. I walked into a beautiful place and was welcomed with all smiles and taken care of immediately.

After walking in for my appointment, Joanna made me feel very comfortable. During the facial she gave me some advice and really gave my skin what it needed. I appreciated the time she took to figure out what I needed and she was absolutely right.

After my facial, I was glowing and felt wonderful. I certainly plan to make another appointment soon with Joanna! Thanks Rescue!” – Lindsay H.


“A goal for my upcoming wedding is to have clear skin.  I have been dealing with acne for years – and even though I see a dermatologist, eat well, cleanse daily, wash my pillowcases and towels regularly, disinfect my phone and makeup brushes, and don’t touch my face, the acne never really goes away.  I was wary about going just anywhere for a facial because I didn’t want someone who wasn’t trained properly playing around with my skin.  After doing some research about area salons, I finally bit the bullet and made an appointment at Rescue.

My first appointment with Joanna went well and she asked me a lot of good questions (how sensitive is your skin, what is your current regimen, etc).  The lotions and creams that she used felt great.  She didn’t pressure me into buying the products, but at the end of the day, I did end up purchasing them because I really wanted to make the commitment to getting clearer skin.

I’m about 3 months in now and my skin is doing great.  I’m rarely getting pimples at this point and it has a nice glow. I’ve been going every month, alternating between a full facial and their zoom and groom option (for the record, Joanna did tell me that I didn’t have to come back that regularly if I wanted to save money, but as I said earlier, I really wanted to commit to this).  Yes, it’s expensive, but I’m finally seeing the results I’ve always wanted!  And I was surprised at how relaxed I felt after each visit…it’s kind of like a massage.

I’m officially hooked. I will definitely be continuing this regimen until my wedding and possibly even continuing it after.” – Cat. P



“Glowing Skin Is Always In

Everyone knows that beauty is a science. The epidermal layer of the human body is a complex living organism after all, so proper skincare requires a vast knowledge of biology and chemistry in order to effectively apply treatments and perform procedures to the skin as a way to maintain its health and vitality, improve its overall appearance, and combat the effects of sun exposure and aging.

But, what people tend to forget is that beauty is also an art. In fact, the term esthetics is rooted in the branch of philosophy that is directly related to the relationship between the senses and matters of beauty, art, and taste.

And lucky for me, Joanna Kula possesses this rare combination of scientific artistry.

I have been fortunate to have monthly appointments with Joanna for the past 3 years for waxing and facials, and my skin has never looked better because if it. Joanna has a strong foundation of scientific knowledge. Not only does she possess her esthetics degree, she has a biology one too. She is a lifelong learner and continually attends conferences to perfect her craft and learn about cutting edge products. This knowledge allows her to combat complexion problems like fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, and acne. She expertly uses number of therapies and practices that improve the tone, texture, color, and youthfulness of the skin on my face and neck, which result in a rejuvenated and refreshed complexion.

And she possesses true artistry! She is passionate about her work, and it shows in her treatments. Every body is her canvas in which she makes more beautiful through her paint of beauty products and brushstrokes of massage techniques. During appointments, one always feels comfortable in her competent hands and relaxed because of her amazing bedside manner. And of course, one always feels luxurious and beautiful after! No two appointments are ever alike because Joanna personalized each one for what your skin needs in that moment. Visiting her is always a luxurious indulgence, where I am always able to relax and unwind.

I wholeheartedly recommend Joanna without reservations. As long as she can still fit me in for my monthly appointments that is!”

Kimberly R.
Philadelphia, PA

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