Diana Yerkes

“The most rewarding project you will ever work on is your skin.”

Diana Yerkes is Lead Esthetician at Rescue Spa NYC. Diana’s focus on relationship-based services along with her personable and intuitive spirit puts clients at ease and allows serenity to envelop you. Her calming presence radiates her love of natural beauty and wellness. Known for her firm yet gentle touch, positive outlook and endless energy, her facial massage is heavily influenced by Lifting and Sculpting techniques. Through each treatment, she provides her clients high quality results while promoting deep relaxation along the way. Diana enjoys taking on the challenge of making clients’ skin look better and, in return, helping them feel better about themselves. Customizing facial treatments to the individual clients’ needs are one of Diana’s specialties. Her gentle touch and eye for precision are also evident in her wax services.  She strives for a painless experience even with the most nervous of waxing clients.

Education and knowledge are highly important to her as she evolves her craft. She received her esthetics education from The Aveda Institute, International Dermal Institute and continues education with personal training from Danuta Mieloch. Throughout her experiences, Diana has developed her philosophy of organic connection, emphasizing the relationship between health, natural living and the use of high-performance beauty products with the highest quality ingredients. Her extensive training, knowledge and passion for the beloved Biologique Recherche line make her a strong asset for those needing to design a comprehensive home-care regimen.

Diana’s commitment to serving others began at a young age. She was born in Eastern Europe into a Moldovan family of entrepreneurs whose service-industry businesses helped build the community. Diana always knew she was going to follow a similar career path and pursued a degree in hospitality while attending university. She made the transition to life in America in 2006 and has not stopped learning since.

Diana has worked in some of the most prestigious hotels and spas on both coasts of the United States and mastered the intricacies of the customer service industry while pursing her esthetician career. Embrace your beauty from within and rejuvenate your spirit with Diana.