Danuta Mieloch (Esthetician & Owner of Rescue)

Danuta Mieloch | Owner & Founder of Rescue Spa

Danuta Mieloch is a nationally celebrated and respected esthetician, as well as the owner of the award-winning Rescue Spa located in both New York and Philadelphia.  Danuta’s ethos is that “beautiful skin is a matter of choice, not chance,” and is her trademark as well as an accolade of her devoted clientele.  With her extensive training, passion, and true care paired with her skill in discovering breakthrough, non-invasive treatments, Danuta has earned her position as a top facialist.  Her faithful and extensive list of clients all agree that her waitlist is well worth it.  Danuta’s ultimate goal is to encourage women to take care of their skin for their overall health: “Taking care of our skin reflects how we feel about ourselves, and your face is how you present yourself to the world.”

Prior to founding Rescue Spa, Danuta studied in her native Poland for three years as a nurse directly alongside dermatologists.  She greatly benefited from this comprehensive medical education in a country where skin care is valued as science, and the foundation for her vision was laid.  Danuta continued her studies in Paris under the esteemed Dr. Yvan Allouche, creator of the revolutionary Biologique Recherche product line.  Following her training, Danuta moved to New York with two suitcases – one with clothes, the other with skin care – and continued to hone her technique at the Atelier Esthetique and the International Dermal Institute, as well as several of Manhattan’s best spas.  Most recently, Biologique Recherché appointed Danuta the prestigious role of brand ambassador to the United States.  Skin care is Danuta’s calling, and her dedication to her craft means she will never stop learning and evolving as a trendsetter in the industry.  She continuously mentors and partners with her employees by spreading her knowledge through education and training.

Danuta’s talent as an esthetician extends beyond clinical knowledge and skills.  She has an intuitive ability to understand a client’s complexion, with a gifted sensitivity to identify issues through the power of touch.  Combined with a deep level of expertise and impressive product knowledge, Danuta is able to produce dramatic and immediate results for her customers.  Whether the concern is acne, scars, dehydration, or aging, Danuta has developed groundbreaking treatments and regimens to keep clients glowing. “I tailor and customize every treatment for every person,” Danuta says. “I passionately believe that prevention and maintenance are the keys to beautiful and healthy skin.”

Danuta is a trendsetter, and always has her finger on the pulse of upcoming advances in the beauty industry. Not only does she have in-depth knowledge of the pure and natural ingredients used in the innovative formulas, she works with the brands Rescue represents on product development to best serve clients.  “Diagnosis of skin issues should not be quick and immediate,” Danuta explains.  Rather, she collaborates with customers to trial regimens and procedures to help everyone reach the ultimate goal of perfect skin.

The entire Rescue brand is a forward-thinking environment that is constantly innovating.  Clients are kept in the know on unique offerings, with the results readily apparent on their skin, the fruits of Danuta’s vision and efforts.  Her role as curator is a great responsibility that she takes seriously, never expressing devotion to one singular brand.  Her goal is for clients to take care of themselves from the inside out and to feel strong and empowered, which she herself embodies through a steadfast yoga practice and attention towards living a holistic lifestyle.  Danuta realizes that beauty is more than skin deep, “taking care of our skin reflects how we feel about ourselves.”

Danuta does not believe that beauty routines have to be complex and laborious.  Rather, she encourages all clients to adopt the basic principles of cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and protecting, while reminding women of her mother’s adage: “One night of an unwashed face means seven days of faster aging.”  She describes facials as check-ins or tune-ups, the same way you would visit your dentist or personal trainer.  Results are so immediate and impactful that clients take their own initiative to keep expanding upon their own skin care routines.  Danuta is there to share her own passion at every step, encouraging and guiding customers along the way.

Since launching Rescue Spa in Philadelphia in 2004 and NYC in 2017, Danuta has attracted a devoted and committed clientele as well as the attention of media outlets across the country, from Vogue and Allure to Huffington Post and Into the Gloss.